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?�中?�智 ?�中?�智 [ji2 zhong1 sheng1 zhi4] /speedy witted within an emergency/in a position to react resourcefully/

�??�讓�?孔融让梨 [Kong3 Rong2 rang4 li2] /Kong Rong offering up pears, classic moral story about Kong Rong 孔融[Kong3 Rong2] selecting up scaled-down pears when leaving The larger kinds to his older brothers, still utilized today to educate the youthful on courtesy and modesty/

強直?�脊?�炎 强直?�脊?�炎 [qiang2 zhi2 xing4 ji3 zhu4 yan2] /ankylosing spondylitis/Bechterew?�s disorder/

後�??�进 [hou4 jin4] /a lot less Superior/underdeveloped/lagging at the rear of/the youthful generation/the a lot less skilled kinds/

山不轉水�?山不转水�?[shan1 bu4 zhuan4 shui3 zhuan4] /It can be a small entire world/only mountains never satisfy/ the fold" material in beneath one particular next.|�?姜女 孟姜�?[Meng4 jiang1 nu:three] /heroine of Qin dynasty �?�� folks tale, who searched for her husband, and whose tears broke down a stretch of The good Wall to reveal his human body/|These lessons have to have an intermediate amount for success. If testing indicates a studen'ts degree is too minimal for these classes we propose getting a lower stage English refreshment course ahead of TOEFL or IELTS preparation.|?�面 ?�面 [qing2 mian4] /thoughts and sensibilities/sentiment and face/sensitivity to other's emotions/|???�身???�同身受 [gan3 tong2 shen1 shou4] /to experience as though it experienced happened to oneself/to sympathize/(polite expression of gratitude for just a favor obtained by a colleague and so on) I just take it as a personal favor/|張冠?�戴 张冠?�戴 [Zhang1 guan1 Li3 dai4] /lit. to put Zhang's hat on Li's head/to attribute sth to the incorrect person (idiom)/to confuse something with A further/|�??�民??官逼民??[guan1 bi1 min2 fan3] /a federal government Formal drives the people to revolt (idiom): a minister provokes a rebellion by exploiting the men and women/|There are actually unique skills urgently needed in New Zealand. Use this tool to examine if your skills are in demand.|封妻??�� 封妻?�子 [feng1 qi1 yin4 zi3] /(of the deserving Formal) to grant his spouse a title and make his son heir to his titles/|�?氣吞??忍气?�声 [ren3 qi4 tun1 sheng1] /to post to humiliation (idiom): to go through in silence/to swallow just one's anger/to grin and bear it/|�?�� 奸雄 [jian1 xiong2] /one that seeks improvement by any suggests/job climber/unscrupulous careerist/|寒�?紀?�命大爆??寒�?纪生?�大?�发 [Han2 wu3 ji4 sheng1 ming4 da4 bao4 fa1] /the Cambrian explosion/|對症 对症 [dui4 zheng4] /accurate prognosis/to prescribe the best heal for an 宿霧idea academia disease/to match the medication for the sickness/}

?�不�??�不�?[hen4 bu5 de5] /wishing one particular could do sth/to dislike to get unable/itching to complete sth/

Launched in 1893, the UCL Union is without doubt one more info of the oldest learners' unions in England, Whilst postdating the website Liverpool Guild of scholars which fashioned a scholar consultant council in get more info 1892.[45][253] UCL Union operates each as the representative voice for check here UCL learners, and for a company of an array of providers. It's democratically controlled as a result of Normal Conferences and referendums, and is also run by elected student officers.

�?�?[shu3] /class/genus (taxonomy)/relations/dependents/to belong to/subordinate to/affiliated with/be born while in the 12 months of (one of several 12 animals)/for being/to demonstrate for being/to constitute/

強買強賣 强买强卖 [qiang3 mai3 qiang3 mai4] /to drive sb to buy or promote/to trade making use of coercion/

�??�枕�?寝苫?�块 [qin3 shan1 zhen3 kuai4] /bed of straw and pillow of clay (idiom): the right etiquette for filial son during Confucian mourning time period/

�??�入�?对号?�座 [dui4 hao4 ru4 zuo4] /lit. to acquire a single's appointed put (based on the seat quantity)/fig. To place sb in his spot/to simply accept a single's social role/to confess criticism/}

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